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We at Burtonís strive to provide whatever it is you need for your trip to the lake. Whether you are going out for a leisurely day of fishing, camping, swimming, or even if youíre a serious tournament angler, we try to have what you need.



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We receive fresh live bait at least once a week. Our shiner minnows are imported from Arkansas and kept happy with our magical blue water. We sell only the best, imported nightcrawlers from Canada. Baits that are seasonal are also kept when available.

All bait guaranteed to catch fish or Die trying!!!

Shiner Minnows


small     12 nightcrawlers $3.17
medium  $ 2.80 doz 18 nightcrawlers $4.10
large      $3.73 doz  Red Wigglers $3.40
x-large  $4.99 doz River Worms 25ct $490
Crawdads: ??????
Shrimp: $3.99 pkg
Liver: Chicken or Turkey 16 oz tub $3.69
Shad sides: $8.99 pint jar
 Whole shad:  $14.99



 $7.00 doz & up medium   
large goldfish $13.00 lb  

*All prices subject to change without notice.


We carry a full line of tackle at competitive prices. For Smithville Lake, we know what is hot! If you want something we donít have, weíll try to special order it for you. Need a spinner bait that is not one of our stocked styles- we custom build. We carry hard to find items, and many special colors and sizes of the most popular baits. Whether you are starting from scratch or just adding to your stock, we can help.





Powell Zebco
Eagle Claw Abu Garcia
Shakespeare Shakespeare



Shotgun shells:  lead and steel shot, turkey and game loads Rifle and Handgun shells most calibers
Tree Steps Deer Co-Cain
Scents: Attractants and cover, Tinks, H.S. Strut Camo hats, gloves, head nets, portable blinds
Deer and Turkey Calls: M.A.D., H.S. Strut Tree Stands:

Burtons Bait and Tackle, L.L.C
119 N 169 Highway 
   Smithville, Mo. 64089     (816) 532-4659