2010 Fish-Off Results


Shoreline Fiberglass:

A special thanks to Shoreline Fiberglass, Todd Eggers, for his support this year with the 1st out of the money, money, on Thursday evenings, sponsoring big bass in our two day event and having the meal catered by Strouds for our awards banquet.     Please visit Todd at Shoreline to get your boat detailed for the winter or any fiberglass or RV repair you might need.


Smithville Marine:

Thank you Smithville Marine for your generous support over the years.  Over $3,000 in cash incentives paid to fisherman this year in their $Bonus Bucks$ program.   Purchase a boat from Smithville Marine and you are eligible for $Bonus Bucks$.   When you are ready for an upgrade on your boat or for service please see the good people at Smithville Marine.


Hopes 169 liquorThank you for helping to provide refreshments for the fisherman to make sure they remain hydrated after the tournaments. 

 Additional incentive moneys are available from:  Skeeter Real Money program,  Stratos 2X money, double your winnings.

RT'S Trophies:  Thank you Rick for doing a great job of making all of our trophies.

Smithville Marine Bonus $$Bucks$$


                                                                       Stratos Boats 2X Program






1st Shane Voyles & Jeff Hamilton 5 16 lbs  2.5 oz
2nd Bob Kitterman & George Moreland 5 13 lbs  12 oz
 $500 Bonus $Bucks$ from Smithville Marine for Bob for fishing out of a boat purchased from them
3rd Todd Knaack & Nick Hahlbeck 4 12 lbs   6 oz
4th  Mike & Jeff Bottorff 3 12 lbs  1.5 oz
5th Jason Fulton & Russell Fisher 5 11 lbs  11 oz
6th Kyle & Keath Coleman 5 11 lbs   9 oz
7th Harry Carr & Beetle Bailey 5 10 lbs   9.5 oz
8th Jim Kochanowski & Mitch Atchison 3 10 lbs   1 oz

Top 7 Big Bass Places

1st Mike & Jeff Bottorff 7 lbs   3 oz 
2nd Shane Voyles & Jeff Hamilton 5 lbs 14 oz
3rd Jim Kochanowski & Mitch Atchison 5 lbs  11 oz
4th  Scott Jones & Jeff Reed 5 lbs  8.5 oz
5th Bobby Carlton & Tracy Platz 5 lbs  0.5 oz
6th tie Layton Strong & Rod Webb 4 lbs  10.5 oz
7th tie David & Tyler Shaw 4 lbs  10.5 oz

fish off 2010 012 voyles.jpg (1263516 bytes) First Place and Second Big Bass: Jeff Hamilton and Shane Voyles used a second big bass @ 5 lbs 14 oz to anchor a five fish limit @ 16 lbs 2.5 oz more than 2 lbs better than second place.  Flooded willows were fish off 2010 017 winners.jpg (1560708 bytes) 2010 Tournament Champions:  Jeff Hamilton and Shane Voyles 16 lbs 2.5 oz 
fish off 2010 011 kitterman.jpg (1299034 bytes) Second Place: George Moreland and Bob Kitterman caught their limit but the big bite eluded them.  13 lbs 12 oz close but not enough. fish off 2010 016  s marine.jpg (1942452 bytes) Smithville Marine $Bonus Bucks$ for a top 3 finish:  Joann Austin presenting George and Bob a check for $500 for fishing out of a boat purchased from Smithville Marine. 
fish off 2010 015 holbeck.jpg (1271220 bytes) Third Place:  Nick Hahlbeck and Todd Knaack needed that fifth fish for the bigger check.   Four fish @ 12 lbs 6 oz still a great showing. fish off 2010 010 bottorff.jpg (1665735 bytes) Fourth Place and Big Bass:  A perfect example of why you never quit early.  A 7 lb 3 oz big bass of the tournament hit a spinner bait in the last few minutes of the tournament.  Not only did they get a nice big bass check but it boosted their three fish total wt., to 12 lbs 1.5 oz enough for fourth place.
fish off 2010 004.JPG (2057547 bytes) Fifth Place: Russell Fisher and Jason Fulton caught a limit weighing 11 lbs 11 oz. fish off 2010 008 coleman.jpg (1390234 bytes) Sixth Place:  Kyle and Keath Coleman found the illusive limit of fish  11 lbs 9 oz.  These guys missed some tournaments during the year and were one of the last teams to qualify.  Great job guys. 
  Seventh Place: I've never known Harry Carr or Beatle Bailey to be shy but for some reason we didn't get a picture.  5 fish @ 10 lbs 9.5 oz and a good day. fish off 2010 013 kokanouski.jpg (1016815 bytes) Eighth Place and Third Big Bass: Mitch Atchison and Jim Kochanowski managed three really nice fish.  A 5 lb 11 oz third big bass of the day and a total wt. of 10 lbs 1 oz
fish off 2010 014  jones, reed.jpg (1275603 bytes) Fourth Big Bass: Jeff Reed and Scott Jones with a 5 lb 8.5 oz fourth big bass. fish off 2010 006 carlton.jpg (696569 bytes) Fifth Big Bass: Bobby Carlton and Tracy Platz with three fish couldn't quite break into the money places but their 5 lb 0.5 oz big fish was good enough for fifth big bass.
fish off 2010 005.JPG (621031 bytes) Sixth Big Bass tie: Rod Webb with a 4 lb 10.5 oz.  I don't think Rod even needed Layton to dip his fish. fish off 2010 009 shaw.jpg (1210789 bytes) Sixth Big Bass tie: Tyler Shaw with the other 4 lb 10.5 oz big bass.  Considering how fishing had been prior to the tournament I was very impressed with the size of the big fish brought to the scales.