Smithville Marine "Bonus Bucks" program pays cash and merchandise to fisherman who fish out of a boat purchased from Smithville Marine after Jan. 1, 2007.   Win a weekend tournament and get $500.  If the winning boat is not a qualifying boat a top 3 finish will get you $250.   Win a Thursday evening tournament and get $100.   If the winning boat is not a qualifying boat a top 3 finish will get you $50.  

If you need any type of work done to your boat Smithville Marines service department can handle it.  Their knowledgeable staff can handle your problems quickly and professionally.    Your #1 choice when you are looking for a new or used boat.  For Ranger, Stratos, Champion, or Lund boats call 816-532-4000 in Smithville Missouri.

Special for the fish-off Smithville Marine will DOUBLE the Bonus Bucks!  That's $1,000 for a win and $500 for a top three finish.

A special thanks to Smithville Marine for providing the food and drinks for this years fish-off dinner.   A whole hog prepared and served by Paradise locker in Trimble Mo.




  Shoreline Fiberglass sponsored four separate drawings for $500 during the 2012 season.   If you had a Shoreline Fiberglass decal on your boat and your boat number was drawn out at the weigh-in Shoreline Fiberglass gives you $500.     

Special for the fish-off Shoreline will give $500 for the 21st place team after the first day of fishing.  

Congratulations to Bobby Carlton and Tracy Platz for being that 21st boat.  By not catching enough fish to make the second day of the tournament they won $500 from Shoreline Fiberglass instead.

Need a boat detail to keep your boat beautiful or some fiberglass repair call Todd Eggers at 816-532-8670

Vic's 169 Liquor:  Next to Burton's Bait and Tackle across from Packs Hardware.  Your choice for the coldest beer and fine wine and liquors in Smithville.  Vic has also just also added a cigar humidor so stop by and check it out.  816-532-0335.







Tom Alsop & Keith Leftridge

5.81 lbs


Harry Carr & Beetle Bailey

5.74 lbs


Troy McKay & Troy Caldwell

5.70 lbs


Greg & Blake Proffitt

5.41 lbs


Steve & Chris Stroud

4.92 lbs


Jerry McVey & Jim Talley

4.78 lbs


Mike Willcoxson & Alan Harvell

4.59 lbs

                                              2013 DAY 2 BIG BASS





David & Tyler Shaw

6.84 lbs


Jimmy Ziegler & Bill Robertson

6.55 lbs

3 rd

Steve & Matt Messbarger

6.11 lbs

PIG 001.jpg (65729 bytes) Dinner is served!!!    A special thanks to Smithville Marine (816-532-4000) for providing the food and drinks for the fishing guys after a hard day of fishing.   Paradise Locker (816-370-6328) of Trimble Mo. prepared a beautiful and delicious whole hog that the guys made short work of.   Louis of Paradise Locker  is discussing the best way to carve a custom roasted whole hog with Jim McKown who is an expert on eating pork but needed some advice on carving.   The hog was cooked to perfection and fed over 125 people, all of whom said it was wonderful.   The Baked Beans were provided by David Shaw of Best Friends BBQ and Butcher shop (816-225-6885)  


SMITHMARINE bUCKS 004.JPG (48376 bytes) Smithville Marine  doubled their "$BONUS BUCKS$" incentive program money for the fish-off making a win worth $1,000 or a top 3 finish worth $500.   Bob Kitterman fishing out of his new RANGER  Z-520C Comanche, which he purchased from Smithville Marine, and partner Andy Bissett finished third in the tournament so received and additional $500 from Smithville Marine.   Purhcase a new or used boat from Smithville Marine and you are eligible for the "bonus bucks" program for the next three years.   You could win $100 for a win on Thursday evenings or $500 for a win on a weekend tournament.    

Last Sunday Sept 2013 007.JPG (55467 bytes) Shoreline Fiberglass "First Loser":  Todd Eggers of Shoreline Fiberglass gave $500 for 21st place boat on day 1.   Since only the top 20 boats qualified to fish day two of the tournament Shoreline gave $500 for 21st place.   Wes Willett and Troy Knox were really excited to find out that they got $500 and didn't have to get up Sunday morning and could stay home and watch the Chiefs win again.  


2013 Fish OFF 011.JPG (56485 bytes) Life Time Achievement Awards:   I was very proud to give some special recognition to two of our most respected fisherman on Smithville Lake Bernie Gram and Mark Thompson.  These guys have been fishing Smithville Lake since it was filled as well as fishing tournaments here.   There respect and integrity for the sport of bass fishing and other anglers have made them models for all other fisherman to aspire to.   They are respected by all other anglers and continue to be competitive tournament anglers.   I am honored to have fished with and against these guys and call them my friends.

2013 Classic Champions

2013 Fish OFF 010.JPG (71982 bytes)Day 1  2013 Fish OFF 005.JPG (70631 bytes)Day2 David and Tyler Shaw started out on Saturday with a four fish 10.84 lb bag of fish which was good enough to put them in eighth place heading into day two.   Most of the top 20 anglers thought that Sunday might be a tougher day with cold clear skies.  David and Tyler changed tactics and hit the jack pot.  A five fish limit weighing 20.60 lbs gave them a two day total of 31.44 lbs and their second championship in three years.  Their big fish on day two weighed 6.84 lbs which was big bass on day two and also big bass of the tournament.


2013 Fish OFF 009.JPG (71415 bytes)Day 1 2013 Fish OFF 003.JPG (67523 bytes)Day 2 Greg Proffitt and son Blake were consistent with a four fish bag weighing 12.83 lbs  on day 1 which included a 5.41 lb fourth big bass of day 1.   Their day 2 five fish limit weighed 14.79 lbs with a 4.70 lb big fish that didn't make the top three.   27.02 lbs for a two day total and a solid second place finish.  Fishing with a cast on his hand didn't seem to slow Blake down as he caught more than his share of the fish.

THIRD PLACE & Smithville Marine "Bonus Bucks"

2013 Fish OFF 002.JPG (70283 bytes)Day 1 2013 Fish OFF 002.JPG (68640 bytes)Day 2 Bob Kitterman and Andy Bissett managed nine keepers in two days for a total weight of 24 lbs even and a third place finish.  That big bite just seemed to elude them both day and was required to win.  Since they were the highest finishing Smithville Marine purchased boat they did receive an additional $500 from Smithville Marine's "BONUS BUCKS" program.


2013 Fish OFF 006.JPG (70643 bytes) Fourth Place:  Chris and Sean Self caught 8 keepers for a two day total weight of 23.44 lbs.  They caught a 4.50 lb and a 4.61 lb big bass each day to help their weight.    2013 Fish OFF 004.JPG (67874 bytes) Fifth Place & day 1 fifth Big Bass:  Chris and Steve Stroud caught a total of eight fish weighing 22.02 lbs.   They had a day 1 fifth big bass which weighed 4.92 lbs.
2013 Fish OFF 001.JPG (71627 bytes) Sixth Place & day 2 third Big Bass:  Matt and Steve Messbarger caught seven fish weighing 21.47 lbs.  Their day two bag included a 6.11 lb fish which was third big bass. 2013 Fish OFF 004.JPG (67531 bytes) Seventh Place & day 1 Big Bass:  Tom Alsop and Keith Leftridge had a day 1 bag weighing 15.49 lbs which included big bass on day 1 @ 5.85 lbs.   Only two fish on day two brought their two day total to 20.54 lbs.
2013 Fish OFF 007.JPG (69583 bytes) Eighth Place & day 1 second Big Bass:  Harry and Beetle were in the lead after day one with a limit of fish weighing 15.87 lbs and a 5.74 lb second big of the day.   Day two was a little tougher for the boys as they only caught one fish that brought their two day total to 18.86 lbs.    2013 Fish OFF 005.JPG (71170 bytes) Ninth Place:  Kevin Spencer and Brad Schmidt caught six keepers in two days for a total wt. of 17.82 lbs.
2013 Fish OFF 003.JPG (65561 bytes) Tenth Place & day 1 Third Big Bass:  Troy McKay and Troy Caldwell caught five keepers for a two day total wt. of 17.78 lbs.  A 5.70 lb fish on day 1 was good for third place money.      Eleventh Place:  Rick Wilson and Gary Burton managed six keepers in two day for a total weight of 17.42 lbs.   
2013 Fish OFF 006.JPG (66570 bytes) Twelfth Place & day 2 Second Big Bass:  Jimmy Ziegler and Bill Robertson's two day total for five fish  was 16.08 lbs.   A 6.55 lb fish on day 2 was second big of the day and of the tournament.   2013 Fish OFF 001.JPG (64751 bytes) Thirteenth Place & day 1 seventh Big Bass:  Alan and Mike had a two day total wt. of 14.74 lbs.   Their 4.59 lb bass on day 1 was good enough for a seventh place big bass money.  
  14th Place:  Tom Shewey and Danny Shinneman took two days to catch one limit of fish but there was enough weight to get them a last place check with 14.42 lbs.    







1st David & Tyler Shaw 4 4.29 lbs 10.84 lbs 5 6.84 lbs 20.60 lbs 31.44 lbs
2nd Greg & Blake Proffitt 4 5.41 lbs 12.23 lbs 5 4.70 lbs 14.79 lbs 27.02 lbs
3rd Bob Kitterman & Andy Bissett 5 4.16 lbs 13.53 lbs 4   10.47 lbs 24 lbs
4h Chris & Sean Self 5 4.50 lbs 13.52.lbs 3 4.61 lbs 9.92 lbs 23.44 lbs
5th Steve & Chris  Stroud 3 4.92 lbs 10.51 lbs 5 4.29 lbs 11.51 lbs 22.02 lbs
6th Steve & Matt Messbarger 3 3.51 lbs 7.22 lbs 4 6.11 lbs 14.25 lbs 21.47 lbs
7th Tom & Keith Leftridge 5 5.85 lbs 15.49 lbs 2   5.05 lbs 20.54 lbs
8th Harry Carr & Beetle Bailey 5 5.74 lbs 15.87 lbs 1   2.99 lbs 18.86 lbs
9th Kevin Spencer & Brad Schmidt 5 3.79 lbs 14.48 lbs 1   3.34 lbs 17.82 lbs
10th Troy McKay & Troy Caldwell 3 5.70 lbs 12.12 lbs 2   5.66 lbs 17.78 lbs
11th Rick Wilson & Gary Burton 3 3.62 lbs 8.49 lbs 3 3.85 lbs 8.93 lbs 17.42 lb
12th Jimmy Ziegler & Bill Robertson 2   5.70 lbs 3 6.55 lbs 10.38 lbs 16.08 lbs
13th Mike Willcoxson & Alan Harvell 3 4.59 lbs 9.39 lbs 2   5.35 lbs 14.74 lbs
14th Tom Shewey & Danny Shinneman 3   6.37 lbs 2 3.95 lbs 8.05 lbs 14.42 lbs

Top 14 paid places

15th Jim Sloan & Jeff Stout 4   8.47 lbs 2   5.60 lbs 14.07 lbs
16th Kenny Dawson & Glen Black 4 3.61 lbs 8.96 lbs 2   4.71 lbs 13.67 lbs
17th Bobby & Seth Carleton 3   6.62 lbs 2   5.31 lbs 11.93 lbs
18th Jerry McVey & Jim Talley 4 4.78 lbs 10.69 lbs 0     10.69 lbs
19th Bernie Gram & Brian Donaldson 2 4 lbs 5.96 lbs 1   2.78 lbs 8.74 lbs
20th Michiel & Jim Harris 2 4.45 lbs 6.46 lbs 0     6.46 lbs