Smithville Marine "Bonus Bucks" program pays cash and merchandise to fisherman who fish out of a boat purchased from Smithville Marine after Jan. 1, 2007.   Win a weekend tournament and get $500.  If the winning boat is not a qualifying boat a top 3 finish will get you $250.   Win a Thursday evening tournament and get $100.   If the winning boat is not a qualifying boat a top 3 finish will get you $50.  

If you need any type of work done to your boat Smithville Marines service department can handle it.  Their knowledgeable staff can handle your problems quickly and professionally.    Your #1 choice when you are looking for a new or used boat.  For Ranger, Stratos, or Lund boats call 816-532-4000 in Smithville Missouri.

Special for the fish-off Smithville Marine will DOUBLE the Bonus Bucks!  That's $1,000 for a win and $500 for a top three finish or $200 for the highest finishing Smithville Marine purchased boat.




  Shoreline Fiberglass     

Need a boat detail to keep your boat beautiful or some fiberglass repair call Todd Eggers at 816-532-8670


Quality Auto Body & Collision Repair:  A new sponsor this year is Pat Kissinger of Quality Auto Body of Platte City, Mo.  Pat gave away four $50 gas cards in a drawing for four lucky anglers.   







Gary Miller & Jerry McVey

6.44 lbs


Todd Knaack & Nick Hahlbeck

6.31 lbs


Harry Carr & Beetle Bailey

6.01 lbs


Tal Matthes & J.D. Buckalew

5.79 lbs


Scott Bargman & Tom Shewey

5.67 lbs


Kevin Spencer & Brad Schmidt

5.65 lbs

                                              2015 DAY 2 BIG BASS





Tony Habiger & John Shields

7.41 lbs


Scott Bargman & Tom Shewey

6.40 lbs


Scott Jones & Dean Dakin

6.13 lbs

2014FOFF22.JPG (63102 bytes) Dinner is served!!!      Paradise Locker (816-370-6328) of Trimble Mo. prepared a beautiful and delicious whole hog that the guys made short work of.   Louis of Paradise Locker  is getting ready to carve or pull the delicious meat from the hog.  The hog was cooked to perfection and fed over 125 people, all of whom said it was wonderful.   The Baked Beans were provided by David Shaw of Best Friends BBQ and Butcher shop (816-225-6885)  


2014 & 2015 Classic Champions Todd Knaack and Nick Hahlbeck 


Day 1 winners pic.JPG (64496 bytes) Day2Fish Off 2015 011.JPG (79663 bytes) 2015 Classic Champions & Day 1 Second Big Bass:    Nick Hahlbeck and Todd Knaack came up big on day two with a 20.72 lb bag of fish.   Their day 1 total of 17.51 lbs made their two day total of 38.23 lbs a winning combination.   Their big fish of day one weighed 6.31 lbs. and was second big on day 1.    There day two big bass was a little old 5.76 lbs guy that was not quite big enough for a day 2 big bass check.  Todds son Boe likes to show up and help dad show off his fish.   Won't be long and Nick will be looking for a new partner because Boe seems to be an aspiring fisherman. 


Day 1Fish Off 2015 014.JPG (67742 bytes) Day 2fo15 1.JPG (67001 bytes) Second Place, day 1 fifth Big Bass & day 2 second Big Bass:  Scott Bargman and Tom Shewey can't seem to catch many fish but they sure catch big ones.  Day 1 was five fish weighing 17.66 lbs and first place overall.   Day two was three fish weighing 12.47 lbs for an eight fish bag that weighed 30.13 lbs and the only team to have a big bass on both days of the tournament.  You just can't spot Knaack and Hahlbeck two fish.  A 5.67 lb day 1 fish and a 6.40 lb day two fish.


Day 1Fish Off 2015 0030.JPG (67101 bytes) Day 2- Fish Off 2015 003.JPG (61039 bytes) Third Place: Butch Lansing and son Tony had a great tournament with four fish on day 1 weighing 15.12 lbs.  Day 2 produced a limit weighing 13.74 lbs for a  two day total of 28.86 lbs.  Butch has gotten camera shy in his senior years.   

FISHOFF!.JPG (69380 bytes) Fourth Place:  David and Tyler Shaw had their usual great tournament.  One of only four teams to bring in a limit both days they were just a little shy on quality.  10 fish weighing 27.83 lbs and a fourth place finish for these past champions. Fish Off 2015 002.JPG (67615 bytes) Fifth Place:  Darryl Glassinger and Sean Self  was another of those consistent teams that caught limits both days.   Their ten fish weighed 26.09 lbs.
Fish Off 2015 007.JPG (70711 bytes) Sixth Place:  Jeff Grego and Terry Crawford had a two day 9 fish total weight of 24.61 lbs.     Fish Off 2015 006.JPG (70742 bytes) Seventh Place: Ted Triggs and Lloyd Christopher know how to catch fish.  The other team to catch a limit both days they just needed a little more size.  Ten fish weighing 24 lbs even.  
Fish Off 2015 009.JPG (69514 bytes) Eighth Place:  Tom Alsop and Keith Leftridge caught 9 fish weighing 23.55 lbs for their two day total.     FOFF)).JPG (69072 bytes) Ninth Place and Day 2 Third Big Bass:  Dean Dakin and partner Scott Jones two day total for eight fish was 23.07 lbs.  Their day 2 big fish weighed 6.13 lbs and was third big.  
Fish Off 2015 004.JPG (71042 bytes) Tenth Place and day 2 Big Bass: John Shields and Tony Habiger caught four fish on day one @ 12.81 lbs.   Day 2 they only caught only one fish but it weighed 7.41 lbs and was big bass on day 2.  Their two day total for five fish was 20.22 lbs. Lost Photo Eleventh Place and day 1 sixth Big Bass:  Kevin Spencer and Brad Schmidt had a two day eight fish total weight of   20.22 lbs.  Their day 1 big fish weighed 5.73 lbs and was sixth big.
Fish Off 2015 015.JPG (451476 bytes) Twelfth Place and day 1 sixth Big Bass:  Father and son team Ron and Dave Ballard caught eight fish for a two day total weight of 20 lbs. Lost Photo Thirteenth Place:  Rick Thompson and Bill Keefer had a seven fish two day total weight of 19.78 lbs.
Fish Off 2015 001.JPG (65078 bytes) Fourteenth Place:  Last place money went to Jeff Stout and Jim Sloan.   They caught seven fish for a two day total weight of 19.63 lbs.      Day 1 Big Bass:  Gary Miller and Jerry McVey caught a 6.44 lb fish on day 1 to walk away with the big $$$$.  Their two day total for 4 fish was 15.32 lbs.   
  Day 1 third Big Bass:  Harry Carr and Beetle Bailey had a 6.01 lb bass for third big on day 1.   Fish Off 2015 008.JPG (70646 bytes) Day 1 fourth Big Bass:  Tal Matthes with his 5.79 lb bass.  Big smile, big fish for big Tal.
BIG BASS.JPG (75795 bytes) Day 2 BIG BASS:  John Shields with his biggest bass ever.   7.41 lbs   Fish Off 2015 017.JPG (84502 bytes) Travis Day with a little help from his daughter Dakota.  Three fish @ 7.36 lbs on day 1.  Dakota loves animals and works around and with them.  Loves to fish but didn't want anything to do with those slimy green guys.







1st Todd Knaack & Nick Hahlbeck 5 6.31 lbs 17.51 lbs 5 5.76 lbs 20.72 lbs 38.23 lbs
2nd Tom Shewey & Scott Bargman 5 5.67 lbs 17.66 lbs 3 6.47 lbs 12.47 lbs 30.13 lbs
3rd Tony & Butch Lansing 4 5.18 lbs 15.12 lbs 5 4.90 lbs 13.74 lbs 28.86 lbs
4h David & Tyler Shaw 5 4.87 lbs 12.69 lbs 5   15.14 lbs 27.83 lbs
5th Darryl Glassinger & Sean Self 5 3.83 lbs 12.71 lbs 5 4.13 lbs 13.38 lbs 26.09 lbs
6th Jeff Grego & Terry Crawford 5 4.31 lbs 14.04 lbs 4   10.57 lbs 24.61 lbs
7th Lloyd Christopher & Ted Triggs 5 3.89 lbs 13.14 lbs 5   10.86 lbs 24.00 lbs
8th Tom Alsop & Keith Leftridge 5 3.70 lbs 13.09 lbs 4 3.70 lbs 10.46 lbs 23.55 lbs
9th Scott Jones & Dean Dakin 5 4.34 lbs 12.50 lbs 3 6.13 lbs 10.57 lbs 23.07 lbs
10th Tony Habiger & John Shields 4 5.57 lbs 12.81 lbs 1 7.41 lbs   7.41 lbs 20.22 lbs
11th Kevin Spencer & Brad Schmidt 3 5.65 lbs 10.47 lbs 5     9.73 lbs 20.20 lbs
12th Ron & Dave Ballard 5   10.80 lbs 3 4.62 lbs   9.20 lbs 20.00 lbs
13th Rick Thompson & Bill Keefer 4 4.82 lbs 12.84 lbs 3 3.62 lbs   6.94 lbs 19.78 lbs
14th Jim Sloan & Jeff Stout 4 4.51 lbs 12.62 lbs 3     7.01 lbs 19.63 lbs