The 2016 classic championship was composed of a 61 boat field of the best anglers from the area that had qualified from either the Thursday Evening circuit or the weekend Series.   Fishing was tough to say the least with only 12 limits of fish caught in the two day event.  The top 20 weights from day one advanced to day two with a chance at part of the $10,300 in prize money.  Only one team was able to catch a limit of fish both days.   


Smithville Marine  

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A special thanks to Catfish and Joann for their many years of sponsorship and support.  Congratulations on your retirement, may you live long and prosper and the fish always bite.

Welcome to the new owners of Smithville Marine Kent and Stacie.   We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship.  


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Gary Burton, Stacie & Kent and Travis Brooks



  Shoreline Fiberglass & RV Repair     

A special thanks to Todd Eggers of Shoreline Fiberglass and RV Repair for providing a great dinner on Saturday .  A whole hog dinner prepared by Paradise Meats in Trimble, Mo.  Many side dishes and desserts brought by wives and family members made our after weigh-in celebration like a family reunion.   Shoreline also sponsored our Thursday evening circuit by giving away a $50 gas card every Thursday evening.  

Need a boat detail to keep your boat beautiful or some fiberglass repair call Todd Eggers at 816-532-8670


Quality Auto Body & Collision Repair: See Pat Kissinger of Quality Auto Body of Platte City, Mo. for any of your auto body repair needs.    Pat gave away four $50 gas cards in a drawing for four lucky anglers.   







Scott Bargman & Tom Shewey

6.71 lbs


Lloyd Christopher & Ted Triggs

6.62 lbs


George Stotomayor & Chris Durand

6.15 lbs


Kyle Alsop & Lance Maldonada

5.69 lbs


Kim & Brian Murch

5.47 lbs


Greg & Blake Proffitt

5.23 lbs

                                              2016 DAY 2 BIG BASS





David & Tyler Shaw

5.54 lbs


Michael Harris & Layton Strong

4.76 lbs

3rd Greg & Blake Proffitt 4.55 lbs


Steve Stroud & Dave Peacock

4.32 lbs

Fish off 2016 025.JPG (57109 bytes) Dinner is served!!!      Paradise Locker (816-370-6328) of Trimble Mo. prepared a beautiful and delicious whole hog again this year.  The guys made short work of a delicious work of art.   Louis Fantasma of Paradise Locker  is getting ready to carve or pull the delicious meat from the hog.  The hog was cooked to perfection and fed over 150 people, all of whom said it was wonderful.   The Baked Beans were provided by David Shaw of Best Friends BBQ and Butcher shop (816-225-6885) and several of the wives brought side dishes and made the meal more like a family dinner.  


2014 & 2015 & 2016 Classic Champions Todd Knaack and Nick Hahlbeck 


Day 1 Fish off 2016 022.JPG (62798 bytes) Day2Fish off 2016 004.JPG (63176 bytes) 2016 Classic Champions:    Nick Hahlbeck and Todd Knaack won their third consecutive classic championship.  These guys are hard to beat especially in tough fishing conditions.   Day one they produced a solid five fish limit @ 15.80 lbs. which was good enough for second place.  Day two they could only find four fish @ 10.29 lbs.  A two day total weight of 26.09 lbs was just enough to edge out second place and be the first team ever to win 3 classics in a row.  


Day 1Fish off 2016 015.JPG (67791 bytes) Fish off 2016 009.JPG (66250 bytes)Day 2 Second Place & day 2 second Big Bass:  Layton strong and Michael Harris had a fair day on with with four fish weighing 9.40 lbs but enough to advance them into day two competition.    On day two they had one of only two limits of fish caught.  16.33 lbs of fish with a big fish weighing 4.76 lbs which was second big fish for day 2.  A two day total weight of 25.73 lbs and less then a half pound out of first.  



Day 1Fish off 2016 004.JPG (66314 bytes) Day 2- Fish off 2016 001.JPG (61678 bytes) Third Place: Butch Lansing and son Tony had a great tournament, being the only team to catch a limit of fish both days of the tournament.  A day on total weight of 11.59 lbs put them in 10th place heading into the last day.  A day two limit of fish weighing 12.54 lbs gave them a two day total of 24.13 lbs and a third place finish for the second year in a row.  I think Butch had already headed toward the pig and didn't have time for pictures. 

Fish off 2016 019.JPG (69145 bytes) Fourth Place: Bob Kitterman & Andy Bissett Fish off 2016 016.JPG (65175 bytes) Fifth Place & day 1 fourth Big Bass:  Kyle Alsop & Lance Maldonada 
Fish off 2016 023.JPG (63339 bytes) Sixth Place & day 1 sixth Big Bass & day 2 third Big Bass:   Greg & Blake Proffitt     Fish off 2016 024.JPG (67711 bytes) Seventh Place: Joe Dircy & Jin Nguyen 
Fish off 2016 012.JPG (65632 bytes) Eighth Place & day 2 Big Bass:  David & Tyler Shaw    Fish off 2016 020.JPG (65062 bytes) Ninth Place and Day 2 fourth Big Bass: Steve Stroud & Dave Peacock
Fish off 2016 002.JPG (63112 bytes) Tenth Place and day 1 second Big Bass: Lloyd Christopher & Ted Triggs Fish off 2016 013.JPG (63670 bytes)


Eleventh Place:  Bobby Carleton & Cody Sousley
Fish off 2016 009.JPG (64070 bytes) Twelfth Place:  John  Cook & Andy Hoffecker Fish off 2016 014.JPG (66005 bytes) Thirteenth Place:  Tom Carlin & Dennis Whitaker
Fish off 2016 006.JPG (66127 bytes) Fourteenth Place:  Kevin Spencer & Brad Schmidt   Fish off 2016 021.JPG (62656 bytes) Day 1 Big Bass:  Tom Shewey & Scott Bargman with a 6.71 lb big fish of the tournament.   
Fish off 2016 001.JPG (63790 bytes) Day 1 third Big Bass:  George Stotmayor & Chris Durand had a 6.15 lb monster but was their only fish.  Fish off 2016 008.JPG (60986 bytes) Day 1 fifth Big Bass:  Kim and Brian Murch with a 5.47 lb fish.







1st Todd Knaack & Nick Hahlbeck 5   15.80 lbs 4 3.55 lbs 10.29 lbs 26.09 lbs
2nd Layton Strong & Michael Harris 4     9.40 lbs 5 4.76 lbs 16.33 lbs 25.73 lbs
3rd Tony & Butch Lansing 5   11.59 lbs 5 4.09 lbs 12.54 lbs 24.13 lbs
4h Bob Kitterman & Andy Bissett 5   13.02 lbs 4   10.32 lbs 23.34 lbs
5th Kyle Alsop & Lance Maldonada 5 5.69 lbs 18.46 lbs 2     4.54 lbs 23.00 lbs
6th Greg & Blake Proffitt 5 5.23 lbs 12.35 lbs 4   10.57 lbs 18.84 lbs
7th Joe Dorcy & Jin Nguyen 5   11.91 lbs 3     6.17 lbs 18.08 lbs
8th David & Tyler Shaw 3     8.70 lbs 2 5.54 lbs   8.88 lbs 17.58 lbs
9th Dave Peacock & Steve Stroud 5   13.08 lbs 1 4.32 bs   4.32 lbs 17.40 lbs
10th Lloyd Christopher & Ted Triggs 3 6.62 lbs 12.45 lbs 2 3.20 lbs   4.83 lbs 17.28 lbs
11th Bobby Carleton & Cody Sousley 3     7.34 lbs 4 3.96 lbs   9.88 lbs 17.22 lbs
12th John Cook & Andy Hoffecker 5   12.31 lbs 2     4.64 lbs 16.95 lbs
13th Tom Carlin & Dennis Whitaker 3     9.14 lbs 2     5.14 lbs 14.28 lbs
14th Kevin Spencer & Brad Schmidt 5   13.75 lbs 0     13.75 lbs