The 2018 classic championship is composed of a 65 boat field of the best anglers from the area that had qualified from either the Thursday Evening circuit or the weekend Series. 

A special thank you to all of our sponsors for being so generous and supporting the fisherman during the season and in the past.   Please consider these fine businesses when you need anything. 


Smithville Marine  

If you need any type of work done to your boat Smithville Marines service department can handle it.  Their knowledgeable staff can handle your problems quickly and professionally.    Your #1 choice when you are looking for a new or used boat.  For Ranger,  Lund and Lowe boats call 816-532-4000 in Smithville Missouri.  


  Shoreline Fiberglass & RV Repair     

A special thanks to Todd Eggers and crew of Shoreline Fiberglass and RV Repair for providing a great dinner on Saturday .  A whole hog dinner prepared by Paradise Meats in Trimble, Mo.  Many side dishes and desserts brought by wives and family members made our after weigh-in celebration like a family reunion.   Shoreline also sponsored our Thursday evening circuit by giving away $50 crazy cash every Thursday evening.  

Need a boat detail to keep your boat beautiful or some fiberglass repair call Todd Eggers at 816-532-8670


Quality Auto Body & Collision Repair: See Pat Kissinger of Quality Auto Body of Platte City, Mo. for any of your auto body repair needs.    816-858-2577.  







Bobby & Seth Carleton 

6.54 lbs


 Nick Hahlbeck & Jim Terrell

5.56 lbs


Nino Scoma & Phil Proffitt

5.25 lbs


Cody & Dylan Sousley

5.09 lbs


Mike & Adam Tibbs

5.03 lbs


Steve & Matt Messbarger

4.97 lbs


                                              2018 DAY 2 BIG BASS





David & Tyler Shaw

6.51 lbs


Joe Dorcy & Mark Riegel

6.28 lbs

3rd Nick Hahlbeck & Jim Terrell 5.62 lbs


Rick Wilson & Gary Burton

5.34 lbs



Fish off 2016 025.JPG (57109 bytes) Dinner is served!!!      Paradise Locker (816-370-6328) of Trimble Mo. prepared a beautiful and delicious whole hog again this year.  The guys made short work of a delicious work of art.    Paradise Locker  is getting ready to carve or pull the delicious meat from the hog.  The hog was cooked to perfection and fed over 150 people, all of whom said it was wonderful.   The Baked Beans were provided by David Shaw of Best Friends BBQ and Butcher shop.  Several of the wives brought side dishes and made the meal more like a family dinner.  


Day 1 Fish Off 2018 008.JPG (165598 bytes) Day2Fish Off 2018 006-6.JPG (169107 bytes) 2018 Classic Champions and Day 2 Big Bass:   David & Tyler finished day one with five fish @ 14.09 lbs and a fourth place finish.   Day two was a different story five fish for 20.97 lbs with a 6.51 lb big bass for day two.  A two day10 fish total of 35.06 lbs and the 2018 Championship.  


Day 1Fish Off 2018 015.JPG (164236 bytes) Fish Off 2018 007-7.JPG (157898 bytes)Day 2 Second Place & day 1 Big Bass:  .Day one leaders Bobby & Seth Carleton with 18.78 lbs followed up with a solid day two at 15.38 lbs for a two day 10 fish total of 34.16 lbs.  Their day one big bass weighed 6.54 lbs and was also big for the tournament.   



Day 1Fish Off 2018 003.JPG (164992 bytes) Day 2- Fish Off 2018 003-3.JPG (169193 bytes) Third Place & day 1second big bass & day two third big bass :  Nick Hahlbeck & Jim Terrell were team consistent with 15.85 lbs on day one and 15.15 lbs on day two.   A two day 10 fish total weight of 31.00 lbs a day one 5.56 lb second big and a day two 5.62 lb third big.  

Fish Off 2018 005-5.JPG (168466 bytes) Fourth Place & Day 2 Second Big Bass:  Mark & Joe had a two day nine fish total weight of 29.62 lbs and a nice 6.28 lb second big bass. Fish Off 2018 001-1.JPG (164221 bytes) Fifth Place & day 2 fourth Big Bass:  Rick Wilson & myself had a two day nine fish total weight of 29.07 lbs and a 5.34 lb fourth big for day two.
Fish Off 2018 013.JPG (170413 bytes) Sixth Place & day 1 fourth Big Bass:   Cody & Dylan had a great season and a great championship.   A two day nine fish total of 25.68 lbs.  A 5.09 lb bass for fourth big on day one.     Fish Off 2018 010.JPG (166391 bytes) Seventh Place & Day 1 third Big Bass:  Nino Scoma & Phil Proffitt had a two day nine fish total weight of 24.26 lbs.  A nice 5.25 lb third big on day one.   
Fish Off 2018 005.JPG (170483 bytes) Eighth Place:    Scott Bargman & Kenny Shinn had a great first day but the fish gods did not smile on them on day two.  A two day eight fish total weight of 22.99 lbs and eighth place. Fish Off 2018 002.JPG (161082 bytes) Ninth Place:  Rick Beagle & Chuck Marshall with a seven fish two day total weight of 19.25 lbs. 
Fish Off 2018 012.JPG (172279 bytes) Tenth Place:  Josh & Jin with a seven fish two day total weight of 19.13 lbs. Fish Off 2018 017.JPG (170440 bytes)


Eleventh Place:  Kyle & Lance with a seven fish two day total weight of 17.73 bs.
How did I not get a picture of Tal & J.D.'s beautiful faces Twelfth Place: Tal & J.D. with a seven fish two day total weight of 17.38 lbs. Fish Off 2018 004.JPG (166421 bytes) Thirteenth Place: Bob & Andy had an eight fish two day total weight of 17.05 lbs.
Wes in the witness protection program so no photo is available. Fourteenth Place:  Wes Willett & Clint Cochran had a six fish two day total weight of 16.65 lbs.  Fish Off 2018 011.JPG (168203 bytes) Fifteenth Place:  Ryan Dixon & Michael Harris had a six fish two day total weight of 16.23 lbs.
Fish Off 2018 007.JPG (165487 bytes) Sixteenth Place:  Jerry McVey & Marshall Brown had a six fish two day total weight of 16.08 lbs.  Seventeenth Place:  Ron & Dave Ballard with a five fish two day total weight of 15.27 lbs.
Eighteenth Place:  Jimmy Ziegler & Bill Robinson had a five fish two day total weight of 13.79 lbs. Nineteenth:  Mike Miller & Lee Setser had a five fish two day total weight of 13.40 lbs.
Twentieth: Jason & Peyton Westpfahl had a five fish two day total weight of 112.78 bs. Fish Off 2018 006.JPG (165183 bytes) Adam Tibbs with the fifth Big Bass on day 1.   A nice 5.03 lb fish.   







1st David & Tyler Shaw 5   14.09 lbs 5 6.51lb 20.97 lbs 35.06 lbs
2nd  Bobby & Seth Carleton  5 6.54 bs 18.78 lbs 5   15.38 lbs 34.16 lbs
3rd Nick Hahlbeck & Jim Terrell 5 5.56 lbs 15.85 lbs 5 5.62 lbs 15.15 lbs 31.00 lbs
4th Joe Dorcy & Mark Riegel 4   11.02 lbs 5 6.28 lbs 18.60 lbs 29.62 lbs
5th Rick Wilson & Gary Burton 4     9.41 lbs 5 5.34 lbs 19.66 lbs 29.07 lbs
6th Cody & Dylan Sousley 5 5.09 lbs 14.03 lbs 4   11.65 lbs 25.68 lbs
7th Nino Scoma & Phil Proffitt 4 5.25 lbs 12.87 lbs 5   11.39 lbs 24.26 lbs
8th Scott Bargman & Kenny Shinn 5   16.14 lbs 3     6.85 lbs 22.99 lbs
9th Rick Beagle & Chuck Marshall 5   12.19 lbs 2     7.06 lbs 19.25 lbs
10th Jin Nguyen & Josh McIntire 5   13.18 lbs 2     5.95 lbs 19.13 lbs
11th Kyle Alsop & Lance Maldonada 5   13.49 lbs 2     4.24 lbs 17.73 lbs
12th Tal & J.D. 5   12.64 lbs 2     4.74 lbs 17.38 lbs
13th Bob Kitterman & Andy Bissett 5   10.61 lbs 3     6.44 lbs 17.05 lbs
14th Wes Willett & Clint Cochran 4   10.42 lbs 2     6.23 lbs 16.65 lbs
15th Ryan Dixon & Michael Harris 3     8.78 lbs 3     7.45 lbs 16.23 lbs
16th Jerry McVey & Marshall Brown 4     9.78 lbs 2     6.30 lbs 16.08 lbs
17th Ron & Dave Ballard 3     9.04 lbs 2     6.23 lbs 15.27 lbs
18th Jimmy Ziegler & Bill Robertson 4     9.93 lbs 1     3.86  lbs 13.79 lbs
19th Mike Miller & Lee Setser 3     8.44 lbs 2     4.96 lbs 13.40 lbs
20th Jason & Peyton Westpfhal 3     8.21 lbs 2     4.57 lbs 12.78 lbs