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Motel information for Stockton Lake

State Park & Mt.Carmel 417-276-5329

Stone Creek

Owl Haven

If you are staying at State Park or Mt.Carmel don't forget to ask for the Burton's tournament discount.



2019 Weekend

 2019 Weekend Dates

Sunday, March 31st -Stockton Lake (tournament goes out of Old State Park)

Sunday, April 14th-Smithville Lake

Sunday, April 28th-Smithville Lake

Sunday, May 19th-Smithville Lake 6:30 take off

Sunday June 9th-Smithville 6:30 take-off

Sunday, June 30th-Smithville Lake

Sunday, August 4th- Smithville Lake take-off 6:30 am

Sunday, August 25th-Smithville Lake

Fish-Off     September 28th  and 29th


ENTRY FEE -- $110 AND $20 Optional Big Bass. (Sorry, no credit or debit cards accepted for fees.)

LOCATION -- See Schedule above

PAYBACK -- 1 place per 7 boats and 4 (four) big bass places paid each tournament.

FREE TOURNAMENT ENTRY -- One team that did not place in the money at each tournament will receive a Free Entry into the next tournament.  Free entry is tournament fee and does not include big bass entry fee.

FISH-OFF -- 50% of the average tournament attendance will qualify. The fish-off will be a combined field from Thursday nights and Weekends, so you have two chances to qualify.   By fishing 7 of the 8 weekend tournament you can automatically qualify for the fish-off.   You may not count the two day tournament as one tournament.  

Fish-Off Sept. 28th and 29th

Tournament Rules and Regulations

Prepay To Secure A Take-off Number . . .

Pay for 1/2 of the Thursday Night Tournament ($400) or 4 Weekend Tournament entries ($520) to secure a take-off number for the season. The other half is due in full prior to 2nd half of season. We will begin taking entry fees/deposits in March at the store or by mail. 

2019 weekend take-off positions
Boat # Team
1 Jin Nguyen & Josh McIntire  
2 Tom Alsop & Keith Leftridge
3 A.J. Richard & Stuart Allen 
4 Jim Sloan & Jeff Stout 
5 Greg James & Andy Sampson 
6 Wes Willett & Clinc Cochran
7 Jeff & Justin Bottorff
8 Steve & Matt Messbarger
9 Dave Peacock & Steve Stroud
10 Lloyd Christopher & Ted Triggs
11 Jerry McVey and Marshall Brown
12 Scott Bargman & Kenny Shinn
13 Brad Schmidt & Kevin Spencer 
14 Mike & Adam Tibbs
15 Kim & Brian Murch
16 Andrew Cain & Tristen Worley 
17 Bob Kitterman & Andy Bissett
18 Randy Robinson & Paul West 
19 Mike Bottorff & Terry McDowell
20 Scott Jones & Dean Dakin
21 Dennis Whitaker & Tom Carlin
22 John Tyrrell & Jake Catherell 
23 Joe Dorcy & Mark Riegel
24 Daniel Campbell & Matthew Lawton 



Thursday Tournaments

Weekend Tournaments

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