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crappie.jpg (208261 bytes)

3 lbs 6 oz at Smithville Lake



crappie.jpg (69452 bytes) Chuong Nguyen was a bit excited with this 19" 3 lb 4oz crappie he caught off of the Little Platte dock on Oct. 3.      
walleye 001.jpg (383225 bytes) 7 lb. walleye on the dam- Bob Buckler -March 21 Smithville_Bass_009.jpg (94055 bytes) Scott Stephens caught this 9 lb. 6 oz. bass on Smithville Lake April 22 on a black/blue jig!!
shaw.JPG (65462 bytes)    
Hank Fishing09 005.jpg (405694 bytes) Nice crappie that Hank (grandson) caught on Smithville Lake- May 2 store photos 005.jpg (183148 bytes) Bob Kitterman caught this 2 lb 1oz crappie on Smithville Lake May 6
store photos 003.jpg (126319 bytes) Wilson Sykes caught a nice mess of crappie on Smithville with Burton's minnows May 12 store photos 006.jpg (325807 bytes) Big crappie caught May 13-Smithville Lake
store photos 004.jpg (193297 bytes) 45 lb flathead catfish caught May 13- Smithville Lake wpe1.jpg (150265 bytes) Darren Soard with a nice 5 lb 13 oz bass he caught on Smithville Lake on 6-18.
fish photos 008.jpg (181594 bytes) Tony and Nicholas Carollo with a 7lb 6 oz walleye fish photos 006.jpg (170053 bytes)  
fish photos 002.jpg (171043 bytes) Bruce Windsor and Steve Nichols a couple of old college buddies who I took fishing. What a great day.  Thank you for being great friends guys. fish photos 003.jpg (218756 bytes) John Wise is not only a legend bass fisherman but can haul in the big walleye to.
fish photos 004.jpg (180091 bytes)   fish photos 005.jpg (191220 bytes)  
fish photos 007.jpg (195325 bytes)   fish photos 009.jpg (219614 bytes)  
045.JPG (400949 bytes) Layton Strong with a nice bass he caught ??  Is that a beaver in his seat? Topeka_10-16.JPG (204708 bytes) Rod Webb and his big fish as he guided Layton around his secret spot.
Big Walleye 001.jpg (130911 bytes) Eric Stroud and Cara with the 3 walleye 9 lbs 10.5 oz , 7 lbs 11.5 oz, and 7 lbs 6 oz.,that Steve Stroud guided them to.  The day before while Eric was sleeping in Steve brought by a 7 lb 10 oz and 6 lb 6 oz pair of Walleye. Big Walleye 002.jpg (126235 bytes) Cara with the two walleye she caught to put the boys in their place, the largest which was 9 lbs 10.5 oz and the little one at 7 lbs 11.5 oz.  What a catch!!

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