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Steve Stroud and David Shaw with two limits of walleye June 3,2013

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Bob Kitterman with a couple of 14 1/2 inch crappie caught on Lake Fork Tx. GUIDE: Gary Burton 10-23-14

Smithville  Lake Fishing Report, June 17, 2019  8:45 a.m.


The new regulation for Smithville lake states that you may have 30 crappie in your possession of which no more than 15 can be 9 inches or larger.  That means that you could have 30 fish all under 9 inches or 20 fish under 9 inches and 10 over 9 inches for a total of 30 fish.  Never more than 15 crappie 9 inches or over.   Never more than 30 fish total!!

The new 2019 brush pile coordinates are now available!!!   We also have hard copies available at the store. 


Lake Level: 869.25 : 5 ft high and dropping.   Normal pool 864.2: Outflow: 2400 cfs they have pulled the plug.  The lake is dropping about 6 inches per day.   They are having to push the courtesy ramps back  into the lake every day.   The water is dropping fast.  


All boat ramps and courtesy docks are open and usable again.  The courtesy dock at Little Platte and the handicap dock at Crows Creek are also open.   You can idle under the bridges without ducking! 

Since Smithville Lake is now infested with zebra mussels please follow the
THE procedures for decontaminating your boat before taking it to another lake.  The web site below will give you the recommended procedure. 

http://mdc.mo.gov/landwater-care/invasive-species/invasive-animal-management/zebra-mussel-control   I 

Crappie:   Fair:   The crappie are scattered and feeding in the flooded areas of the lake.  The largest concentrations of fish are at the bridges.  As the water flows under the bridges it is like a conveyer belt of food going by.  The crappie, white bass, walleye and white bass are all hanging around and eating at their leisure.  It seems that a lot of people are taking advantage of the new MDC regulation that allows people to keep crappie under 9".   We can make crappie fishing even better if we throw back the sub 9 inch white crappie and keep the sub 9" black crappie.  Minnow on a tight line about 10 feet deep.   Jigs work but minnows are better.   

FISHING BLOG (what is a blog anyway)

4-26  First guide trip of the year with Mr. Munson.  We put in at W boat ramp and headed north.   Caught a limit with little trouble.   Most of the fish were in the 10" to 12" range.  I doubt we caught a fish in more than 4 feet of water.  Only two of the fish were females.  Caught them on minnows and jigs.  1/16 oz road runner head with a black/chart curly tail.

4-29  Went out for a couple hours with a some buddy's last night and found some really nice areas where the fish should have been but were not.  Other places that looked the same in the same area had fish???  When you find them there are usually lots.

5-2  Went out for a few hours on a guide just trying to locate fish.  Tried rock creek and not a fish.   Did catch some fish on the main lake in the dam area.   Some of this years brush piles are holding fish.   Most were caught on jigs.   

5-3  Guide this morning with Paul and Debbie.  We tried some of the areas that worked on Thursday and no fish.   Two hours into the trip with only a couple of fish.  Kept moving and finally found some biters on the main lake.   Up to a limit in about 30 minutes all on jigs.  All were in 6 ft. or less of water.   Headed up into the river area and caught another limit in one spot in just a few minutes.  All on jigs.  Our bonus fish was a 20" walleye on a jig that Debbie caught.  

5-5  Went fishin with Joe and Warren this afternoon and had a ball.   We easily caught our two limits of crappie with only 4 of the 30 fish being a female.  Most of the fish were in 4 foot or less of water.  Caught the first limit on the main lake and the rest up the river in the three fingers area.  Better size up the river and a 8 to 10 lb drum provided some entertainment for Warren.  All fish 9+ inches long.   

5-6   Went out with Roger and Jerry and had a great day.  Beautiful and sunny and biting fish.  Size was a little less than yesterday and we caught more females than the day before.  There are main lake fish the first limit and than we went to the river area and caught the second limit.  Lots of small throw backs today which we had not done before.  

5-7   John and I went fishing and I headed to the Little Platte river arm of the lake to start.  First trip in a week where I didn't start on the main lake.   Caught lots of fish in the Mecca and three fingers area of the lake.  Didn't have any trouble catching fish in most places.  We ended up with 30 crappie, 2 channel cats and a large white bass.  We caught every fish but one on a jig.   Purple/chart or black/chart on a 1/16 oz head. 

5-8   Cancelled it is to windy!!!

5-10   Took annual guide with Jerry, Richard and Herb.  Fishing was not easy but we managed two limits of the +9" fish.  The main lake fish were biting but the size was not there.  Headed to the river are where the water had lots of color.  (muddy)  Caught our bigger fish there but had to go to the minnows on a slip bobber to catch them. 

5-13   Going out with Dick and Jean today a warmer and less windy day.  (and rainless)  Monday was a beautiful day especially when you are fishing with Ray, Jean and Dick.   Fish were scattered and the size wasn't as good as it had been.  Did keep 20 or so fish and a gift of 13 big-uns for my buddy Bob.  Fish came from the main lake and river area.

5-14  Day two with Dick and Jean went much better and we caught a lot more fish.   Not all of them were big but we caught lots.  Ended up with almost two limits of +9 and did keep my first limit of -9 fish not bad and all were black crappie.  

5-15  Out again this morning and with the full moon coming on Saturday another wave of spawners has moved to the banks North of W.   Lots of big males and more females than usual.  Some of the females had already spawned and some had not.  We caught most on jigs but they would hit the minnow just as good.  With the full moon on Saturday this weekend should be great.

5-16   Out at 8:00 am and fishing again.   Put in at W and headed North.  The fish were in the same areas again.  Lots more females today and all out of 3' to 4' of water.  Fished the south bank straight across from Mecca to be out of the strong winds.   Just keep moving till you find them.  The minnow bite was slower than the jig but still worked.   Purple/chart or black/chart worked great in the dirty water.  30 fish over 9" and a few under 9" female black crappie that need to be removed from the lake. 

5-17 & 18:  2.4 inches of rain and the lake has come up 2 ft. 9 in above normal  

5-21   2 1/4" of rain yesterday and last night.  Lake 4 feet high and rising. 

5-22   Had guide trip and tried to catch a bass.  Jake (10 yrs old) caught the only one a 14" monster.   Hit a few brush piles for crappie and no luck but did find lots of white bass and caught 23.   They have been showing up under the W bridge and Campbranch bridge.  We caught them on spoons and a white rooster tail. Like I always say right place right time. 

5-25   Six tenths of an inch of rain late yesterday and last night.  The lake came up another three to four inches as of 6:45 am this morning.  Catfish in the creek arms and crappie, white bass and walleye around the bridges.  Had several reports yesterday of walleye and whites being caught around the bridges.  

5-27   I have had several people tell me that they had caught nice limits of crappie, white bass and cats yesterday.   Most of them say that they are fishing under a bridge or around the brush piles that were put in when the trees were cleared around the road at the bridges.  

Catfish:  Excellent :    With the 5 ft. of extra water in the lake the catfish are the ones that seem to like it the most.  The guy running trot lines and limb lines were catching some really large flat heads.  I had several people bring fish by to show off.   30 to 60 lbs seemed to be common.  Most were caught on goldfish or blue gill on lines.  Lots of channels are being caught as they are feeding up on night crawlers in the flooded areas lake wide.  Shad and chicken livers for the bigger bites and crawlers or dip baits for the smaller channels.  The Sonny,s Super Stick should be back in stock sometime in July.  They are out right now and the next batch should be ready then.   

BASS Better:    The FCA tournament took just over 17 lbs to win today.    It took almost 18 lbs for five bass to win the Sunday June 9th tournament.  Several fisherman reported finding and catching bedding fish.  Some are still spawning.  Worms, craws, and brush hogs fished in front of the flooded willows produced most of the fish if you can believe the bass fisherman.       Check livin2fishsmithville.online website for pictures and results.   There is also a little bit of action on a frog in the right conditions.  

WHITE BASS:  Good  With the high water the fish seem to really congregate under the bridges.  They are also starting to show up on some of the main lake points and humps.    When you are on top of the fish in a boat a 1/4 oz spoon is best but if casting from the bank use a rooster tail, road runners or small rattle traps or small crankbaits. 

Walleye:   Fair  People are catching walleye around the bridges and some of the T-walls (jettys) on the main lake.   The white bass also like to hang around those areas.    Dragging a jig and crawler or casting small crankbaits.  #5 shad raps, flicker shad and rattle traps.     



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