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walleye 002.JPG (59111 bytes)

Steve Stroud and David Shaw with two limits of walleye June 3,2013

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Bob Kitterman with a couple of 14 1/2 inch crappie caught on Lake Fork Tx. GUIDE: Gary Burton 10-23-14

Smithville Lake Fishing Report, June 13, 2018

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If you have a HUMMINGBIRD or LOWRANCE graph I have an SD card with over 300 way points of brush piles at Smithville Lake that I will let you down load into your graph.


Lake Level: 862.40  22 inches low ( Normal pool  864.20 ) Water temp is 79 on the main lake.   OUTFLOW: 8 cfs   

Since Smithville Lake is now infested with zebra mussels please follow the
THE procedures for decontaminating your boat before taking it to another lake.  The web site below will give you the recommended procedure. 

http://mdc.mo.gov/landwater-care/invasive-species/invasive-animal-management/zebra-mussel-control   I 

Crappie Fair to Poor:  The crappie have made it back to their summer spots and are starting to settle in to their summer patterns.   Main lake brush and rock piles are holding lots of fish just finding the larger fish is the challenge.  Catch your few keepers and move on to the next pile.  If you prefer the timbered areas up north fish tree lines in about 10' of water.   Keep moving and fish lots of trees.  You will catch fewer fish but the size will be much better.  As the water heats up the minnow bite will only get better.  The crappie will only be 10' down at the most even in deeper water.  

4-17  Went out on the lake for the first time fishing.  Learned a lot and did not catch a fish, not even a little one.  Water temps on the main lake were in the upper 40's and when you went up in the arms of the lake ( owl creek, rock creek or mecca) it was in the low 50's.   The only place we saw anything was in 30' of water on the main lake and in the deeper channel area in the arms.   They are just waiting to start moving up.   It could happen any day if we can get the temps to stay normal.   You should be able to catch some fish in the river up near Plattsburg.  

4-19 Thursday evening bass tournament was a success.  42 boats 84 anglers caught 12 fish.   7.49 was big with a 6.60, 5.95, 5.28 and a 4.53 for the big fish.  Still cold and the fish have not really moved up yet.  We are very close.

4-26  Fished some early areas on the main lake and never had a bite.  Water was 56-57 degrees but no fish.  Some of the guys had fished up in the river yesterday and only caught a few but they were really nice ones.  They will start moving up and getting easier to find by next week.

4-28  A few people coming in this morning with some stories of catching a few crappie.   Around the W bridge and in the evenings in the marina areas.   These are usually the first places the they show up.

4-30  Fished from just below the free ramp to Mecca and never had a crappie bite.  Some other fisherman said they had a similar experience till they switched to minnows and caught a few nice fish in the same areas.  They also were fishing in the afternoon not the morning.

5-1  Fished the river again this evening and caught 4 fish two of which were over 13 inches.  Then we got bored and went to the main lake and fished in sailboat and caught eight more in a hurry.  They were in the brush piles and hit a purple and chart. jig.   I think the main lake areas are going to start producing fish sooner than the river.    The river fish were caught on minnows and never had a bite on a jig.  Brush piles around the bridges and marinas are your best bets.

5-2   With less than an inch of rain last night the lake only came up a couple of inches.   The backs of some of the smaller coves may have mudded up but the larger ones are probably ok.  

5-4  Had my first guide trip of the year today and did ok.  We caught 23 crappie in 4 hours.  Not quite two limits but the size was great.  We had seven fish larger than 12 inches and a couple were about 14".  We fished up the Campbranch arm and stayed on off the banks.  4' to 6' of water on the flats out off the bank.  Water 67 degrees.

5-6  Went out fishing with Steve and Pete and had a great time as we always do.  We ended up with 32 keeper fish in about 5 hours.   Up the branch again like Friday. The water had a lot more color and was 73 degrees.  The size was smaller than Friday but we caught more fish.  We did finish on the main lake and caught some nice fish over a brush pile in 10 feet of water.  

5-7   Fished campbranch and caught 28 keepers and some really nice fish!

5-8  Tough day really windy and hard to find any places to fish out of the wind where the fish were.   Ended up in a main lake cove up by W-hwy and ended  up with 32 keepers but that as with 3 guys fishing.  Size was above average.   Luck

5-9  Fished some in river and some on main lake.  Was a windy and tough day hard to find fish.  We only had 21 keepers but again the size was above average.  All of our fish were caught on jigs.  Purple and Chartreuse.  

5-10 Fished with John and Gretchen today and had a great time on a beautiful day.  Caught some really nice fish and kept 28 really nice fish.   we caught the first limit on the main lake and then headed up the river for some scenery and some bigger fish.  Wind didn't blow and the sun did shine. 

5-11 Annual trip out with Jerry, Rickard, and Herb.  As usual the boys were in rare form especially Herb.   We were off the lake in four hours with three limits of nice crappie.   All main lake fish and all on jigs.  Purple and chart.

5-14  Fished with Dick and Jean and son Ray and had to work really hard to catch 17 crappie.   Two or three fish here and there.   Stayed on the main lake the entire trip.  

5-15  Mike and son Carson caught some nice fish but had to work.  Fished up in the Mecca area of the lake for a couple of hours and it was very slow although the fish were big.   Moved to the main lake and caught more numbers but the quality was down.  Finished up with 15 nice fish and a good trip.

5-16   Dick, Jean and Ray came back for more today and were rewarded for their persistence we stayed on the main lake and fished 10' deep brush piles and they caught two limits of very nice fish.  The fish were caught equally on jigs and minnows probably although I didn't keep track.  

5-18    Went back to the same brush piles as Wed. and some new ones and had trouble catching even little fish.    Covered lots of ground all on the main lake and only caught 12 keepers, 1 catfish and 1 white bass.   Did end up catching lots of small fish but the larger fish just didn't seem to want to bite.   The minnow bite was better than the jig bite also.  

5-21  Went out at about 10 am and started fishing brush piles.  No crappie but did have one walleye.   Headed up in the river arm above  W-hwy and caught some white bass and then started looking for crappie.  We caught several really nice crappie in three fingers area.   The minnow had to be no more than 4' off the bank and about 18 " deep.  I threw a jig up in the same spot and could not get a bite.  They wanted a minnow.

BASS:  Bass fishing has taken a turn for the better.   Tournament results indicate that the lake has a healthy bass population.  A three hour evening tournament takes a five fish limit of around 14 lbs to win.  An all day tournament takes 20 or more pounds to win.   The bass are still shallow and can be found around grass or brush piles on the main lake.  The wooded arms of the lake are also putting out lots of nice fish, still shallow.  Jigs, brush hogs, or senkos are best with a modicum of top water in the morning and evenings.   

CATFISH:  Excellent:  The catfish are biting.   They are feeding up to spawn and they are eating about anything.  Stink baits or worms for the smaller channel cats.  Cut baits for fewer bites but larger channels and blue cats.  The flat heads are eating the goldfish or blue gill on trot lines and limb lines.      Shad, worms or livers are the best it just sort of depends on the size and species of cats you want to catch.   As the water temps are going up the stink baits are also starting to produce channels.

WHITE BASS The white bass are starting to show up and bite.  They seem to be roaming the main lake areas and are being caught on the shallow points.  Rattle traps, flicker shad and rooster tails are all good.   Grandson Hank had a 26" walleye on a spoon on a main lake point last week.  We were fishing for white bass upps.     Because the fish are roaming trolling is working well if you have the patience.  If you find the fish on a point a 1/4 oz. jigging spoon is the best way to catch them.

Walleye:   Some guys are starting to catch keeper eyes on the main lake points.  Rattle traps, shad raps and flicker shad are the preferred crankbaits.  Fish shallow as the fish will probably be in less than 10 feet of water.  



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