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walleye 002.JPG (59111 bytes)

Steve Stroud and David Shaw with two limits of walleye June 3,2013

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Bob Kitterman with a couple of 14 1/2 inch crappie caught on Lake Fork Tx. GUIDE: Gary Burton 10-23-14

Smithville Lake Fishing Report, April 20, 2018

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The brush pile project was a success with help of the MDC and Army Corps of Engineers and a bunch of volunteers.  About 60 trees planted in strategic locations. 

If you have a HUMMINGBIRD or LOWRANCE graph I have an SD card with 174 way points of brush piles at Smithville Lake that I will let you down load into your graph.


Lake Level: 862.22  24 inches low ( Normal pool  864.20 ) Water temp is 48 on the main lake and 53 in the upper arms..  OUTFLOW: 8 cfs   

Since Smithville Lake is now infested with zebra mussels please follow the procedures for decontaminating your boat before taking it to another lake.  The web site below will give you the recommended procedure. 

http://mdc.mo.gov/landwater-care/invasive-species/invasive-animal-management/zebra-mussel-control   I 

Crappie: Poor yesterday:  Its starting to warm up now so maybe things will be more normal.  We are probably about two weeks behind where we should be. There are really no reports from the lake yet except for the dock fisherman.   The crappie should start leaving the deep winter areas and heading toward spawning areas.   Check the mouths of coves and the edges of the ditches for the fish that are moving toward spawning areas.   

4-17  Went out on the lake for the first time fishing.  Learned a lot and did not catch a fish, not even a little one.  Water temps on the main lake were in the upper 40's and when you went up in the arms of the lake ( owl creek, rock creek or mecca) it was in the low 50's.   The only place we saw anything was in 30' of water on the main lake and in the deeper channel area in the arms.   They are just waiting to start moving up.   It could happen any day if we can get the temps to stay normal.   You should be able to catch some fish in the river up near Plattsburg.  

4-19 Thursday evening bass tournament was a success.  42 boats 84 anglers caught 12 fish.   7.49 was big with a 6.60, 5.95, 5.28 and a 4.53 for the big fish.  Still cold and the fish have not really moved up yet.  We are very close.

BASS:  Our first Thursday evening tournament will be this Thursday April 19th.  There have been a few caught on rogues and spinnerbaits but they are few and far between.   The water is low but good and clear so jerk baits are a good choice.   Rocky areas that warm up faster are your best bets.   

CATFISH:  Fair to Good in the Little Platte river as well as the upper arms of the lake.   Shad or other natural baits are the best.  

WHITE BASS There are quite a few whites in the upper arm of the Little Platte near Plattsburg now.   The cold temps have things moving slowly so take advantage of the warm days as that shallower water warms faster and gets the fish biting. 

Walleye: The cold temps caused the walleye spawn to proceed at a snails pace making them hard to catch because there weren't many on the face of the dam at any one time.   I have heard of several being caught but with a great investment of man hours.  They should be done by now.



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