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walleye 002.JPG (59111 bytes)

Steve Stroud and David Shaw with two limits of walleye June 3,2013

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Bob Kitterman with a couple of 14 1/2 inch crappie caught on Lake Fork Tx. GUIDE: Gary Burton 10-23-14

Smithville Lake Fishing Report, September 14, 2018

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Saturday 6:30 am to 7:30 pm
Sundays 7:30 am to 6:00 pm

If you have a HUMMINGBIRD or LOWRANCE graph I have an SD card with over 300 way points of brush piles at Smithville Lake that I will let you down load into your graph.

Lake Level: 861.62 - down .03 since yesterday-2 feet 7 inches low ( Normal pool  864.20 ) Water temp is 80 on the main lake.   OUTFLOW: 8 cfs    The rains over Smithville Lake have been light.   In the past 48 hours I have only recorded three tenths of an inch.  The lake is only about 4 inches higher than its lowest point this summer.   Daily lake level below: 

9-8  861.65

9-9  861.62

9-10  861.60

9-11   861.58

9-12  861.57

9-13   861.55

9-14  861.53

Since Smithville Lake is now infested with zebra mussels please follow the
THE procedures for decontaminating your boat before taking it to another lake.  The web site below will give you the recommended procedure. 

http://mdc.mo.gov/landwater-care/invasive-species/invasive-animal-management/zebra-mussel-control   I 

Crappie:  Fair to Good: The crappie are fairly steady and not that hard to catch most of the time.  I have heard more chatter from people catching keeper fish at the W-hwy bridge than normal for this time of the year.  Have had several people during the week that are catching keeper fish on the main lake brush piles a little more consistently they have been.   Minnows are still working best but a few are being caught on jigs.   Still on the main lake and in the brush piles.     

6-20  Went out in search of white bass and they didn't show up to the party.  Spent almost two hours trying to find the whites without any luck.   Switched to crappie and ended the morning with twelve nice fish we caught on some of the new piles in the crows creek area.  Minnows on a slip float set 6' to 7' deep.

6-22   Went out with the intent of teaching someone to jig fish in the brush piles.  Started on some rock piles and caught lots of fish some of which were nice keepers.  About 12 feet deep on the bottom in the rock piles.  Moved to the brush piles and caught a few more.   One pole had a purple / chart. jig and the other had a white / chart. jig.   both worked well.

6-25   Went out today for some Humminbird and Minn Kota on the water training.  Looked a lots of different fish and caught a pile of fish.   We ended up with 14 nice crappie a white bass and a few catfish.   Let the birds find the fish and and hit spot lock on your Ultrex and kick back and reel-em in.  

7-2   Guide trip for what ever bites.   Pulled out of Little Platte at 7:30 and didn't make it 200 yds.   White bass everywhere.   About as far as you could see feeding fish.  They stayed up about an hour.   They were feeding on some small 1" minnows.   Had to throw small white mepps and spoons.  Size was small but enough eaters to have a nice mess of fish.   Started hitting brush piles for the crappie and caught 10 nice ones.  Good trip.   

7-3   Same as yesterday except the whites showed up down on south end of the dam.  Caught another nice mess 20 fish.  The crappie were a bit tougher to find and catch.  Another great day though.

7-14  Went out this morning hoping the whites would surface for some fast action.  They didn't  I was probably more disappointed than the other 7 or 8 boats in the area waiting.  Finally gave up and started crappie fishing.  Caught lots of fish but keepers were difficult.  We did end up with 19 keepers and 1 big channel cat.  Most of our keepers came out of shallower brush piles 8' to 12' rather than the 15' to 20'.  Wish the whites would be more consistant.  

7-27  Took the wife out this morning crappie fishing.  She likes to minnow fish and prefers to just tight line.  We caught fish just about everywhere we went.  She ended up with 13 keepers and a catfish.  She caught a lot more fish doing that than I could catch using a slip bobber.  I think she was able to get deeper in the brush.  She is always teaching me.

8-3   Took the Larry Cline crew fishing and man did those guy catch some fish.  We had 43 keepers which was great.  That was the best four hour catch total this year.   Nothing really big but lots of fish you could just throw in the box and not measure.  Larry tried to get the fish to grow by feeding them all of our minnows.   Main lake brush piles and minnows are the secret.   The tight line and minnow method dropped straight over the side of the boat into the brush worked best.

8-4   Out again and today was a bit tougher Lyle and grandson only had one limit of fish.  The bite was just slower than yesterday.  You should have been here yesterday is a real thing.

8-15   A rainy cloudy morning but no white bass.  The crappie started really slow but were steady.  We ended up with 20 keepers but they came really slow.  Every keeper came on a minnow.   The deepest pile we fished was in 14' of water.  Didn't catch lots of small fish either.

BASSThe bass fishing has been like a rollercoaster the past for weeks.  The tournament season is over except for the fish off.  Some top water action on these cloudy day or some square bill crankbait action on the shallow flats.  A spinner bait fished around the grass can also be productive.

CATFISH:  Excellent:   Had a 40+ flat head brought in last weekend caught on a large goldfish on the main lake.   Stink baits or worms for the smaller channel cats.  Cut baits for fewer bites but larger channels and blue cats.  The flat heads are eating the goldfish or blue gill on trot lines and limb lines.   Shad, worms or livers are the best it just sort of depends on the size and species of cats you want to catch.   

WHITE BASS The white bass are still showing up more in the evenings now busting the shad.    Any where on the main lake is possible especially near Campbranch and Crows Creek boat ramp areas.   You need a white rooster tail or a small white spoon.   I even picked up a 1/16 oz white crappie jig and caught one after another.    Because the fish are roaming trolling is working well if you have the patience.  If you find the fish on a point a 1/4 oz. jigging spoon is the best way to catch them.

Walleye:   The walleye have left the building and seem to have moved into the backs of some of the larger coves on the lake.  I have had several people give the same account of catching a large walleye in the very back of a cove in less than 3 feet of water.   It is random and hard to reproduce but seems to be where most are coming from.   Rattle traps, shad raps and flicker shad or even spinnerbaits are working.  



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