Fishing Report 4-23-21

Lake Level: 862.28
Outflow: 8 cfs
Water Temp: 53 degrees
The weather is looking up and so is the fishing!
Crappie: Good
The crappie seem to be getting shallower by the day. Good fish are being caught in 1’-4’ from the W bridge north and the main lake is just a couple days away from fish being in the same depth zone. With the warmer weather tomorrow and Sunday there should be a fair amount of fish on the bank. Minnows about 18” below a bobber in 3’ are working well and jigs on 1/16oz jig heads with spinners are catching fish as well. Some of the main colors catching fish are the usual suspects, black/chart, purple/chart, red/chart, red/white, blue/white, and monkey milk have all been good. The crappie fishing is getting ready to get really good! We are stocked up and ready for the spawn so swing by if you need anything.
Bass: Good
The bass fishing has been very good the last few weeks. Fish are being caught on several different baits depending on the conditions but some of the consistent staples lately have been spinnerbaits in some wind, jigs and soft plastics, like senko’s, brush hogs, and finesse worms, around shallow wood. Most fish seem to be from 1’ to 5’ anywhere from points to the back of the creeks. I don’t mean to be as general as possible, it’s just that a lot of fish are on the move and will be in all three stages of the spawn for the next month. As the water warms a few more degrees they’ll eat a wide range of baits. A lot of fish are being caught as well as some true sea beasts! Check out to see some of the water pandas that were weighed in over the last two weeks.
Catfish: Fair
The only catfish I’ve heard of being caught are channels and they’re being caught on just about everything. From hotdogs, cut shad, and stink bait, to leftover Casey’s pizza. We’ve got everything in the store but the pizza. They’re shallow too. Try flats near channels and stay in 6’ or less.
Walleye: Poor
If you want to catch a walleye, go crappie fishing!
If you haven’t had a chance to come see us this spring, come on by! We’ve done some remodeling and added a few things. We still have plenty of the essentials, minnows and lucky fishing gum!