Fishing Report 5-7-21

Crappie have had a hard time making up their minds as to whether to get shallow or not. Last week there were definite glimpses of a mass migration to the bank but they seemed to back off a bit over the week. There are fish starting to get back on the bank and there are still a lot of fish around the spawning banks in about 6' of water. Minnows and jigs are both working well. Whatever depth your in, split the water column with your bait and start there. The 1/16 oz minnow spinner head with a jig has been working well. Anything with chartruese in it will work for your jig. We did go through a lot of Junebug sliders last week...just sayin.
Hopefully the bite really turns on this weekend but I can't imagine it's not great by next weekend.
The Bass fishing is still really good. A lot of fish are being caught on a lot of different baits. The bass are wanting to spawn and some are. Several reports of fish being spotted on beds. Drop baits around shallow wood as well as top water baits around those same kind of spawning areas will catch fish. You can really catch a fish about any way you'd like right now. It is a great time to get on the lake. I know the shad are spawning as well so anywhere you see that a buzz bait or small plopper can be a lot of fun!
I have been out a few nights this last week fishing around the bridges with fresh cut shad and have caught some nice channels. As I said last week, with all the food up shallow the catfish aren't far behind and you may be able to catch a Flathead on a live shad or bluegill near some shallow wood in a spawning pocket. I wouldn't fish much deeper than 15' and wouldn't be afraid to fish in less than 5' near channels.
Overall the fishing is good for whatever you want to as Catfish Dave would say, get out there and do some dagblasted fishing!
-Catfish Dave