Fishing Report 9-7-21

The crappie bite has been good on main lake brush. The fish are 8’-12’ or so around brush in 12’-18’. It is not hard to catch numbers but size has been a little scarce. Minnows are hands down the best bait right now. Jigs are catching a few fish but minnows are out fishing the 10-1.
The bass fishing has been good as of late. Shallow brush piles, 5’-12’, have produced fish. Senko’s, jigs, brush hogs, and big worms are working well in the brush. There is also a good top water bite on walking baits and ploppers around shallow wood and rock banks. The shallow fish can be caught flipping as well. A beaver style bait or a jig has been good. Dark colors are working the best, green pumpkin and black and blue are Smithville staples.
The channel cat bite has been strong all summer. Fish are being caught on worms, cut bait, dip bait, and really anything else that you like to fish with. Fish in 8’ or less on flats near a channel. The Flathead bite should pick up as the water cools and the best bait for a Flathead on Smithville is a live bluegill. Fresh cut bait will work as well. Flathead like lumber so fish near cover.
Hopefully this is helpful. I know there hasn’t been a report for quite awhile. We’re working to bring you a lot more detail in future reports. As we can spend more time on the water we will be able to give detail on baits, colors, areas, techniques, etc….
Thank you all for your support this summer!